Auto-ReCleaning environment

Clean data does have a shelf life and does not remain problem free forever.

Unfortunately, due to the dynamic nature and usage of moles by many anti-spam organizations, data doesn’t stay clean forever! Traps, moles, and third party oversight seeds are not static. In addition, it is possible for a recipient to be perfectly safe one day and to become a mole the next. This scenario plays out every hour of every day due to a multitude of reasons.

To combat this ever changing environment, Impressionwise invented an Auto-ReCleaning system specifically designed to constantly scan existing client data, while providing you with the same, industry-leading daily reporting and results daily.

How does it work? Once a file has been scanned by Impressionwise, it gets sent to the new auto re-cleaning environment for scheduled re-cleans. Once daily, the data gets re-cleaned using the latest scans and rule-sets for each client and the new results get sent to your FTP. The client will then be notified via email that a new set of results has been sent to their FTP for removal.

For real-time updates, Impressionwise offers this service via HTTP posts. This allows the client to be up to date and safe each week without the burden of having to pull down and send files manually to us each month to re-clean.

Interersted? If ensuring maximum protection to your eReputation while maintaining an enhanced deliverability of your list is important to you, please let your Impressionwise representative know right away.