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Every Email Marketer Needs Impressionwise

As the old bulk messaging adage goes, "All good and bad comes from the data". It is with this focus in mind that Impressionwise’s data hygiene services are designed to remove non-deliverable data elements while purging any email-based traps, secondary moles, and other third party oversight seeds. This service is designed to help minimize the number of email bounces, keep you off third party blacklists, and enhance the consistency and deliverability of the data provided...See more

While traditional black list comparison, which consists of your data being compared against a list of trap addresses is widely practiced, it is a fundamentally flawed approach to the removal of traps. These lists are relatively static and are only as good as the day the data was gathered. The data used is compiled from unknown or unqualified third party sources – someone else’s opinion – and their data is often dated and flawed.

Impressionwise’s on-demand scanning is a new innovative approach in which your data records are scanned against a global view of real-time feedback at the time of the actual cleansing, utilizing no data from aged repositories (such as used by simple black list-based method to scrub against and repost). This type of cleansing model is based on self-learning rule sets designed to catch newly created traps or existing trap configuration changes as they happen. This process ensures a more effective cleansing with minimal to no false positives, and in addition to gaining an unprecedented view and insight, reveals hidden aspects of your data not normally found with traditional scrubbing. All of this results in rich, comprehensive reporting of a highly deliverable address list... See less



Enhanced Online Reputation

Higher Engagement Propensity

Ideal Sending Environment

Faster more consistent delivery
Expanded delivery footprint
Increased inbox placement
Increased conversion rates
Prolonged creative solutions
Decreased life-cycle costs
Reduced false leads
Increased response rates
Enhanced geo-targeting
Higher ISP engagement scoring
Prolonged resource usage
Easily scale your operations


Are you maximizing the opportunity to make
your first impression?

See how Impressionwise could make the difference between a successful campaign outreach or negative hit to your online reputation.

Delivery and Threat Intelligence

Impressionwise’s data intelligence platform is based on policy-driven rule sets and real-time scanning algorithms that use a multi-layered approach to identify, validate and protect against a wide range of e-mail-based threats.

Recipient-Level Domain-Level
Spamtrap jim.banes
Profane-Laced F^^ku
Habitual Protestor rharris
Litigator uce.catch
Malicious sexpunk69
Fabricated john.evktgih
Decoy Key fake.mx
Role Account support
Non-Deliverable blackhole
TLD Trap john.doe64
Key Mis-Stroke johnd%n
Mobile 8149898723
Validated johndoe
snippe.ca International
aool.com Key Mis-Stroke
tgc.be Spamtrap
hois.net Habitual Protestor
vcooley.com Litigator
southernsign.com SaaS Protected
adsfocus.com Parked Site
affluencefloral.com Invalid DNS
yahoo.com Validated
spof.org Mole Network
artsolympus.net Non-Deliverable
lashback.com Monitoring Seed
edgemobile.net FTC DNE Quarantine
bpsma.org Clickbot Quarantine
kartrackraceway.com Blackhole

Having so many potential threats of varying severity within your list is not always a good thing for your sending reputation. Impressionwise performs over 240 independent, real-time scans analyzing your data for all possible combinations of known problematic or non-deliverable email addresses. Key features include:



Research and profile with real-time,
mutli-layered, data intelligence



Enhance deliveribility and engagement
propensity of the recipients with your list



Guard against a wide range of email-based
threats while protecting your online reputation

  • Threat classification of direct, purpose-built, spam-trap, or honeypot e-mail address(es). Defined as any e-mail messages sent to this address are immediately considered unsolicited leading to its submission to one or more DNSBL site’s.
  • Indirect mole submission environment flagging. Collaborating, recipient submission-based or via automated, domain-level, anti-spam solution evidence leading to its submission to a DNSBL.
  • Seed identification of third party oversight email addresses known to purposely seed their email address(es) for general monitoring of company and company's network resources used.
  • Parked resource domain classification of inactive site services providing you the leverage of avoiding sending email traffic to millions of unused and parked website domains. Since parked domains have previously not been configured for email, any recipient sent is by definition, invalid and in most cases considered spam delivered an organic honeypot spam trap network.
  • Network protected domains cataloguing of known, managed, anti-spam, domains administratively serviced by specific anti-spam organizations that in turn report to other leading spam-advisory sites.
  • Domestic and international domain designation through our proprietary non-intrusive geo IP solution in which identifies the IP address of the receiving domain.
  • Disposable email addresses identification, commonly used for one-time online registrations or purchases where the recipient does not wish to provide their primary email address.
  • Domains advertised for sale/ cyber-squatting. Any mail sent to them is black-holed and never seen by a real person.

Unrivaled, Actionable Insight

Gain an unprecedented view and insight, revealing hidden aspects of your data not normally found with traditional scrubbing

Impressionwise is quite proud or our industry leading, List Profile Report referencing the data we purport to be undeliverable versus validated and trap free. Our line item reporting or detailed documentation of any individual email address removed or labeled as non-deliverable from your list as part of the email validation and cleansing process, is widely regarded as a must.

The Deliverables consist of specifically designed, data exports and accompanying email validation and cleansing report. In order to provide our client’s with the most flexibility and detail, Impressionwise provides you with several, individual exports in a variety of popular delimited formats that are designed to be used individually or in combination to achieve our client’s specific needs. See File Export Specifications for more detail.

Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device, Access.

Never be tied to your desk again! Be mobile. Gain full control over your cleansing processes and results via browser-based portal or simply via phone through automated push notifications and email-based reports.

  • Transfer center supporting a wide range of manual submissions, and fully automated transactions
  • Automated cleaning operations
  • Automatic file completion/result notifications
  • Automated API/Feeds
  • Account status and payment center
  • Fully customizable exports

We are Mobile-Ready
With real usable support for:

  • Quick address checks
  • Account creation
  • View cleaning results/list profile reports
  • View account balance/replenish cleansing credits
Chat services enabled

Simply, Automated, Flexibility

Our automated system provides real-time and batch cleansing of email addresses weather as a point of collection feed
or in bulk as a pre-send validation service.

Point of Collection

Point of Collection

Pre Send Validation

Pre Send Validation

Remove harmful email addresses before you mail! Our simple to use yet flexible API provides secure, real-time and batch cleansing of email addresses. The platform is accessible via an API/web service as well as offered as an automated FTP service.

Remove harmful email addresses before you mail! Whether you have a single list to validate, or many, we provide several secure and easy-to-use list upload options.

The platform is accessible via a secure API/RESTful web service, automated FTP service, clientless FTP service,
accessible via Dropbox.com shared folder or simply via our web-based file transfer option. The result: a complete solution
that is faster, more secure, more reliable, and provides the most flexibility to fit your business-critical communication needs.

HTTP Feed API - This high speed processing option is designed for continuous, REAL-time, data cleansing with results provided within the initial posting transaction response. API resources are identified by URLs and interacted with using the standard HTTP methods. For additional information, see HTTP Feed API Setup.

FTP Feed Service – Designed for automated, batched submissions of larger volume data sets. This service is designed for those clients who receive data on a regularly scheduled basis (such as hourly, daily or weekly) which allows 24/7 access to Impressionwise cleaning services without the wait time of traditional processing in a secure manner. For information, see FTP Feed Setup.

HTTP File Transfer - The easiest way to send and receive files allowing clients using a web browser to easily initiate file transfers with just a few clicks. Simply add your files and folders to the files panel and your files are instantly uploaded and imported into our cleansing process with results being returned within same panel. For additional detail, see HTTP File Transfer Help.

Dropbox Share Access - Share files or folders of files to be cleaned right from your desktop. This includes manual, batched or fully automated file-based pickup and delivery of newly cleansed results directly to you for access from any device, anywhere. For additional detail, see Dropbox Sharing Setup.

A simple set up of data source location(s) and format allows you to post multiple files in multiple formats
at your convenience for an automated cleaning.

Complimentary Evaluation

Impressionwise makes it easy for potential clients to evaluate our services by offering a complimentary scan and report of a sample set of your data to ensure our services can be beneficial.

  • Threat classification of direct, purpose-built, spam-trap, or honeypot e-mail address(es).
  • Flagging of indirect mole submission environment's and seed identification of third party oversight email addresses.
  • Recipient validation and domain level verification/classification of null MX domains, suspended, expired, backholed and parked or inactive site services.
  • Cataloguing of known, managed, anti-spam, network protected domains and designation of domestic and international addresses.
  • Removal of FTC and industry recognized "Do Not Email" Recipients with duplicate address elimination.
  • Role account removal and expulsion of known, habitual protestors and removal of litigators and collaborative anti-spam activists.

As a result of the scan, we will provide you with a detailed analysis identifying the exact cause of the individual spam traps/ non-deliverable elements with your data and probable cause(s) that may be affecting the deliverability of your messages.

Simply put; this report will help you gauge our service’s overall effectiveness as it relates to your own data. See how Impressionwise could make the difference between a successful campaign outreach or negative hit to your online reputation.


Risk versus Reward

To clean or not to clean. This comes down to a simple concept of risk versus reward in this very intolerant of mistakes process. While the price of the data cleansing process is obviously a consideration, the main concern should be effectiveness.

Getting Started

Interested? To make evaluation of our services simple and as expeditious as possible, Impressionwise has developed a three-step process for the cleansing of your list.

Step 1

To begin your free trial, fill out out the required information as presented below. This consists of your email address (all notifications will be sent to this address), full name, company name, and phone number. Once these fields are completed, select continue to begin uploading your test files.

Step 1

Upload Data File. Simply add your file below to upload your file directly from your desktop. Please upload a single file not to exceed 100,000 rows. Send only files with .txt, csv, zip or rar extensions. All other extensions not listed will not be processed. Once your file has successfully been uploaded the cleansing process will commence.

Step 3

Review Results. Once the cleansing process has been completed, an email will be sent to the email address provided within the account setup. This will include a complimentary List Profile Report containing details about the results of the data file uploaded, in addition to information on our Pay-As-You-Go pricing model and volume tier discounts. This report will be followed up with a call from one of our sales representatives to guide you through the report and answer any questions you may have.

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