Impressionwise Email Verification and Spam Trap Removal

Simply, Automated, Flexibility

Our universal API provides real-time and batch cleansing of email addresses in bulk as a pre-send verification service or seamlessly integrated as a point of collection API feed or favorite ESP integration into numerous types of applications:

The platform is accessible via a secure API/RESTful web service, with service options designed for anytime, continuous, real-time data cleansing of your email addresses.


Securely, verify single or automated batches of up to 1 million email addresses from a single request.

FTP File Transfer

Designed for automated, batched submissions of larger volume data sets via traditional file transfer methods.

Webhook Integrations

Automated list transfer by seamlessly integrating your favorite ESP or web application.

THE RESULT: a complete solution that is faster, more secure, more reliable, and provides
the most flexibility to fit your business-critical communication needs.

bulk email scrubbing service

Stop wondering and start knowing.

Impressionwise’s Threat and Delivery Intelligence platform was built for users who want to know if their emails are good to send while enhancing their overall email deliverability and inbox placement. Try our complimentary evaluation.

Impressionwise is known world-wide for being the foremost expert
in email verification and threat removal for a reason - below are just a few more.

A Powerful Solution

Built to increase deliverability resulting in an expanded delivery footprint with increased inbox placement while protecting the sending domains and IP’s used.

Easy Setup, No Installation

Verify emails directly from your browser with no need to install any software on your computer. Getting started is easy and no technical skills are required.

Simple, Automated, Flexibility

Seamless transfer and real-time cleansing of email addresses in bulk as a pre-send verification service or secure integration as a point of collection API feed or favorite ESP integration.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about any of our
popular API or file-based list transfer options and how they can be made to work for
you. Experience the results that truly set Impressionwise apart!

The recognized authority in email verification
and list cleaning services

Impressionwise makes it easy for potential clients to evaluate our list cleaning services by offering a complimentary scan and report for a sample set of your data to illustrate the benefits of our services.

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